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Alien Beach Invasion 👽

Mr R has finally joined me in Barmouth at the B&B having completed his handover period, it was handy the first morning as I could send him out with the doodle in the rain for his morning constitution whilst I stayed in bed, in the warm! I’m not sure what the reason is but he simply refuses to use the garden to do his toileting in…….the doodle that is, not Mr R, so its along the prom or down the beach, they go.

I still can’t believe how lucky we are to have that stunning view outside our front door, it something you could never tire of and is ever changing with the tides.

Currently it is like something from a sci-if movie. It looks like the aliens have landed

Scattered along the edge of the shore are the lifeless bodies of scores of alien like jellyfish, Mr R has been researching and says they are ‘moon jellyfish’….. who am I to argue? If any of you know differently please let me know so I can appear intelligent……something I appear to have lost since I’ve given up teaching!!!

The beach features a lot in our day. The doodle loves it, and for once is interested in playing ball, something he tired of easily in the suburban sprawl.

The best time to walk the beach is as the sun goes down and it appears to melt into the sea

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